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Stylish Armor is dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of slash resistant clothing.
Stylish Armor Slash Resistant Clothing has been designed to protect frontline professionals, such as those working in hostile environments, which include, prison and correctional facility officers, homeland security professionals, police officers and those in the private security sector.
Stylish Armor cut tex pro
Stylish Armor Slash Resistant Clothing also perfectly designed for those
who needs extra protection for daily use purpose, motorbike users, or
extreme sport enthusiast to maximize the level of protection offered
in common protection equipment.
Everyone working within any of these sectors will know that incidents of this nature could be very serious, including potentially fatal and that it is an occupational risk that they face on a daily basis.
       The risk of sustaining a slashing type injury is real and Stylish Armor
       Slash Resistant Clothing is designed, developed and manufactured to    
       address these potential threats. 

Nowadays crime happens anywhere and anytime without warning. So being protected and safe on a daily basis is a must. To anticipate such injuries, Stylish Armor combined safety-ness and style into a product clothing line that will fit your needs.

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