"Stylish Never Been This Safe"

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Stylish Armor Masker Silver Antimicrobial

Stylish Never Been This Safe

We never know what will happen everyday. Crime happens everywhere without warning. Being safe anytime and anywhere is very important. Stylish Armor offer you a full protection while being stylish and fashionable at the same time.

Self Protection & Special Trainings

Suitable for daily life


Ultimate Cut Protection

Manufactured using Cut-Tex PRO, an ultra-high performance cut and slash resistant fabric, produced in the United Kingdom. Can effectively help reduce the risk of such injuries, offering BS EN 388:2003 blade cut resistance level 5

Stylish, Durable & Comfortable

Our products are comfortable to wear, fully machine washable and of truly exceptional strength and durability. Since it's fashionably designed, you can wear it on a daily basis on every occasions.

Stylish Armor protecting key areas

Important Areas

STYLISH ARMOR Slash Resistant Clothing effectively reduces the risk of injuries from knives and other edged weapons, preventing major blood loss and even death. This outstanding fabric can help to protect the five major arteries 1. Radial artery (in your wrists) 2. Brachial artery (along your biceps) 3. Carotid artery (in your throat) 4. Axillay artery (under your arm pits) 5. Femoral artery (in your thigh region)

Protect Daily Activity

Criminial is unpredictable


safety is more important before too late

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